Death Penalty Photography Documentary Project by Scott LangleyDeath Penalty Photography Documentary Project by Scott Langley
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Exonerated death row prisoners

An original art project by Scott Langley, inspired by Robert Rosenheck's "LOVE" project. This campaign is designed to develop a collection of photographs depicting those who have been freed from death row because of actual innocence, by tying them all together by holding the same "I Oppose the Death Penalty!" sign. Consider it a "visual petition" of abolition. The following exoneress have participated in the project thus far, with more to come. This is an ongoing project and will be developed over time.

Those pictured here include: Freddie Lee Pitts, Ray Krone, Shujaa Graham, Curtis McCarty, Gary Drinkard, Juan Melendez, David Keaton, Derrick Jamison, Randy Steidl, Shabaka WaQlimi, Gregory Wilhoit, Nathson Fields, Ron Keine, Gary Beeman, Shareef Cousin, Albert Burrell, Seth Penalver, Clarence Brandley, Darby Tillis, Kirk Bloodsworth, Harold Wilson, John Thompson, Paris Carriger, Lawyer Johnson, Alan Gell and Maurice Bickman.

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