Death Penalty Photography Documentary Project by Scott LangleyDeath Penalty Photography Documentary Project by Scott Langley
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In 2006 Scott Langley added one video to the documentary project. Although the primary focus of the project is on photographs, there was a unique opportunity to film a tour of the North Carolina execution facilities a few days before a prisoner was lethally injected. This is the only video that is part of the project.

Description of the Video:

RALEIGH - Captured on film, Warden Marvin Polk, of North Carolina's Central Prison, narrates the preparation and final hours before an execution in Raleigh, where the state execution facilities are located.

Warden Polk takes members of the press through the prison, detailing hour-by-hour the preparation, and carrying out, of a 2:00 am execution. Footage includes the deathwatch area, the table where the last meal is taken, the final holding cell, the IV preparation room, the witness room, and footage of Warden Polk and Captain Marshall Hudson wheeling the gurney into the execution chamber.

The short film includes candid discussion by the warden about the role of doctors in lethal injections as well as his own feelings on overseeing the executions.

Before each North Carolina execution (Fridays at 2:00 am, when scheduled), Central Prison offers a media tour on the preceding Monday morning to explain the execution protocol and answer questions from the press.

The footage was captured during a media tour in November 2005, between the executions of Steven McHone (11/11/05) and Elias Syriani (11/18/05).

Copies Available

A free DVD quality version is available for educators and activists for educational use. Email through the contact page to request a copy.

A partial list of organizations and schools that have used the video include:

  • North Carolina Bar Association
  • Loyola University
  • U.S. Air Force Academy
  • Arizona State University
  • World Congress Against the Death Penalty 2010
  • Florida's State Government
  • California State University
  • Linz International School in Austria
  • Center for Death Penalty Litigation
  • Texas Public Defender's Office in El Paso, Texas
  • Department of Justice Services in Richmond, Virginia
  • University of Missouri
  • New York High School for Law Enforcement and Public Safety
  • Kaplan College
  • University of Massachusetts
  • American University in Washington, DC
  • Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Istituto Alberghiero in Italy
  • Lutheran Episcopal Services
  • dozens of state and national anti-death penalty organizations
  • and various high schools and colleges across the U.S.

FULL VIDEO (10 minutes):

Click to play. Trouble viewing? Watch directly through YouTube.

Be Counted.. and Contribute to the Discussion

The video has been viewed over one million times on the Internet since its release in mid-2007. Follow and contribute to the debate and conversation on the YouTube Forum.

SHORT SEGMENT (3 minutes, 30 seconds):

A short excerpt of the above film in which the warden discusses the role of doctors in state executions.

Click to play. Trouble viewing? Watch directly through YouTube.

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